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A Sebring Poem - by Art Grenier
« on: February 15, 2015, 09:45:13 AM »
A Sebring Poem
By Art Grenier
My watch is a Tudor, my tequila is Patron,
I even have the IMSA App on my phone.
And come every March, a harbinger of spring,
Iíll always be at the famed 12 hours of Sebring.
I love that Ďole track, bumpy as it may be,
Itís the best endurance race every fan must see.
All the legends been racin there since í52,
Iím sure you know Ďem, let me name a few.
Andretti and Foyt, Phil Hill and Jim Hall,
Al Holbert and Tom Kristensen, winners all.
Fangio and Moss, Gurney and Donohue
Holbert and Haywood, just to name a few.
Sebring fans, well thatís another story,
Theyíre a big part of Sebringís epic glory.
Skunkapes, Drunk Monks and Cows in Green Park,
Turn Ten and F-troop, the fun starts after dark.
Thinkin bout Sebring just makes me sing,
And what girl doesnít like a DeltaWing?
Hear the roar of engines, smell the orange blossoms,
Please Andy Lally donít kill more possums.
Over fifty cars in four different classes,
Makes Balance of Performance a pain in the asses.
This year the lineup has the best of drivers,
After 12 tough hours, whoíll be the survivors?
Sweedler and Bell, Keating and Carter,
Sellers, Westbrook and of course John Potter.
Joey Hand and Christian Fittipaldi,
Ryan Dalziel and Michael Valiante.
Jordan Taylor and brother Ricky,
Max the Ax and Patrick Dempsey.
Barbosa, Garcia and Lucas Luhr,
Fogarty, Tremblay and Tommy Milner.
Von Molke, Auberlen, Davis and Cosmo,
​Paul Dalla Lana and Madison Snow.
Cameron, Braun, Guasch and Pilet,
Eric Curran and James Gue.
Gavin, Pew and Mike Rockenfeller,
Nic Jonsson, Krohn and Dominik Farnbacher.
Edwards and Sharp, Wilkins and Bennett,
Wittmer and Werner, Miller and Pruett
The cars are the best, they go left and right,
Not just in circles, and run in rain ní night.
Corvette, Aston Martin, Bimmer and Ferrari;
Honda, Porsche, Mazda, Dodge Viper and Audi.
Last year? A pretty good race is what I felt,
Hoping this year, the Viper donít melt.
Too many cautions? I would have to agree,
Bad officiating even Stevie Wonder could see.
But Sebring has always been more than a race,
Because of its history, itís a sacred place.
Every year has drama, blood sweat and tears,
And we keep coming back, year after year.
Canít wait for March 21st; Sebringís 63rd race,
Iím hoping Shankís Ligier sets the pace;
And when the race is over, Iíll get on my phone,
And say ďHello to my family at home!Ē

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Re: A Sebring Poem - by Art Grenier
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